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Smart way to disburse Payroll

Corporate Payroll Card Product has been designed on the experience gained; we look forward to offer our Payroll Card Customers, with enhanced features.


Feature   New Solution

Terms of Use

Can be used for other services

Offered Transaction Set   Credit
    1-       Salary Receive
    1-       ATM Cash Withdrawal 
    2-       IBFT Send*
    3-       Bill Payments*
    1-       Balance Inquiry
    2-       Mini Statement
    * Not offered in Initial Phase
    Note: New Transactions can be included in the service menu as per the business need.

Transaction Limits

Flexible Limits, new products can be added as per business need. Currently Limits are defined in the section “Product Features


Time Required for Individual Account Opening

Once NADRA is integrated with our system. ‘one-minute account’ opening will be performed.


Time Required for Payroll Execution

Corporate has the access to web portal to process salary.


Accessibility of payroll processing channel



File / Data Verification

Rules are defined in the system and hence all the basic checks are performed by the system automatically.


Nature of Card

Normal ATM Card and hence does not require any regulatory modifications.


Control over Payments

Better Control. Corporate can view status of each individual transaction (from web portal). And can easily keep track of the uploaded files and payment history.


Cross Selling Opportunities

Spending Patterns can be identified and different product variants can be offered to suit the needs of different segments.


Product Features

Following are the salient features of the solution.


  • Mobile Wallet accounts will be issued to both Corporate and Salaried Individuals.
  • A Web Portal will be offered to the company to disburse payments (payroll, bonus etc) at anytime and at their own convenience.
  • Payments will be immediately disbursed and will be instantly available to the Salaried Individuals.
  • Under this new solution, a business m-Wallet account (L3 Account) will be issued to the Corporate along with a core banking account. A web based portal will be extended to the Corporate for the disbursal of salaries. An Individual m-Wallet Account (L2 Account) will be issued to the Salaried Individuals along with an ATM Card to operate their m-Wallet Account. Initially we have decided to offer following transactional limits to the Customers.
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