COVID-19 Safety Measures by Meezan Bank

Facilitation regarding Paper-based Clearing Operations in the wake of COVID-19

Drop Box Cheque Collection Facility

In order to minimize the risks of COVID-19 spread and to avoid person to person interactions, Meezan Bank customers as well as customers of other banks may drop their cheques into drop boxes installed in branches' ATM rooms.

This facility is available at all Meezan Bank branches with ATMs.

What can you use our Drop Box Service for?

Drop box can be used for following types of cheque related payments and collections:

  • Payments for donations to 'Prime Minister's COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund – 2020’
  • Payment to other bank's beneficiary through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)
  • Payment to other Meezan Bank Customers (Internal Fund Transfers)
  • Outward Clearing (Collection against other Bank's Cheque)
  • Customers are advised to thoroughly read the instructions and guidelines already pasted adjacent to drop box whilst using our drop box services.


  • Drop Box can be used within and after business hours.
  • Customers can drop the mentioned transaction cheques without the hassle of waiting in queues.
  • No person to person interaction.

Direct Cheque Deposit Facility

Through this facility a Payee/ Beneficiary of Meezan Bank crossed cheque may deposit the cheque at any of the Meezan Bank branches and get instant credit to their account with any bank via RTGS system (Real Time Gross Settlement). For example, if you are maintaining a bank account in a bank named as 'A' and you are paid by a party through crossed cheque of a bank named 'B'; by using Direct Cheque Deposit Facility, you can directly visit drawer Bank 'B' and ask them to credit your account maintained at the Bank 'A'. In a conventional clearing process, it takes 2 days to receive the amount of clearing cheques.

Customers who have been paid through Meezan crossed cheque can deposit the same at any Meezan Bank branch to get the funds credited into their account maintained with any bank in Pakistan.

Payee must provide his/her IBAN, Title of account, CNIC and mobile number on the back of the cheque.

Direct Cheque Deposit Facility is being offered by all scheduled Banks/Micro Finance Banks of Pakistan.


  • Fast clearing/realization of cheque
  • Cheque may be cleared in minutes instead of traditional T+1 day time
  • Funds transmission via RTGS system - (Real Time Gross Settlement)

To view measures taken to facilitate customers by Meezan Bank Limited on COVID-19
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To view measures by State Bank of Pakistan on COVID-19
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To ensure your safety in banking transactions, it is advised that you use alternate banking channels like Meezan Mobile App or Internet Banking to pay utility bills, school fees, transfer funds, top-up your mobile credit and other transactions from the safety of your homes instead of visiting branches and using currency notes. Also, please make sure that you wash or sanitize your hands after using ATMs and POS Machines.

Be Safe, Bank Safe!

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