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Extensive Experience and Expertise

In line with our vision of establishing Islamic Banking as banking of first choice, Meezan Bank believes in working for the larger benefit of the society. Meezan Bank has the unique combination of experts in areas like Islamic law & Jurisprudence, Accounting, Auditing, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance and Islamic Finance. Our expertise, accumulated over the years, enables us to provide world class service and unmatched Shariah-compliant solutions to most sophisticated problems in a timely manner.

We’re working to expand the market, not merely our market share. The continuous interaction with the academia has enabled us to produce a stream of expert practitioners-cum-trainers. Our trainings are not only backed by solid theoretical foundations, they are continuously updated based on real life experiences. Our case studies help learners gain hands-on experience of various aspects of Islamic finance.

Objective and Strategy

Offer innovative value-added products and services to our customers within the bounds of Shariah, while optimizing the stakeholders value through an organizational culture based on learning, fairness, respect for individual enterprise and performance.

Islamic Financial Advisory Services team assists in 7 ways

1. Islamic Banking Product Development

Islamic Finance, though working in the space provided by the Islamic principles, is very open to creativity and innovation. Financial Engineering to develop Shariah-compliant alternatives to conventional financial products is an important task undertaken by the Islamic Financial Advisory function. Research and development of new Islamic financial instruments is also a vital and ongoing activity of the function. Product Development requirements and requests received from our client organizations are also provided with assistance and technical support.

2. Islamic Capital Market Services

Islamic Financial Advisory Services (IFAS) provides three services within Islamic Capital markets details for which are mentioned below:

Sukuk Structuring

As a leader in structured finance products, Meezan Bank has been involved in Sukuk Structuring, Shariah Advisory and Syndication/Consortium financing, lead-managing a number of new Shariah-compliant Sukuk issues and syndicated transactions with its corporate clients.
IFAS provides assistance in execution of Sukuk transactions and development of Sukuk structures based on client-specific requirements. Our multi-layered approach enables both commercial and Shariah considerations to be incorporated into proposed structures. Emphasis is placed on developing structures to achieve wide Shariah acceptance and marketability of Sukuk.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are an important financial intermediary in developing markets where capital markets are volatile and investors do not have the expertise, savings and time to devote themselves to making a well-diversified profitable and Shariah-compliant portfolio.
Islamic investment principles require persistent Shariah Compliance. Islamic Mutual Funds are therefore catering to this important need and we provide them with technical expertise in managing their portfolios in Shariah-compliant manner.

Stock Market Indices Management

Meezan Bank has initiated the formation and subsequent management of a domestic Islamic Market Index i.e. KMI-30 index in collaboration with Karachi Stock Exchange (now Pakistan Stock Exchange PSX). Shariah Compliance is necessary not only at the time of IPO, but it also encompasses all operations of the enterprise at all stages of the organizational life cycle.

In the KSE-100 index, companies are selected based on their market capitalization and the ability to influence market; KMI-30 index looks at a host of factors regarding Shariah Compliance when selecting a company.
Since there are several factors that make a company Shariah-compliant, the company which is Shariah Compliant at one point in time may not remain Shariah Compliant at another point in time. Hence, providing Shariah Technical and Support Services is a concurrent activity and an important function of Islamic Financial Advisory Department.
Meezan Bank in collaboration with Karachi Stock Exchange has launched All Share Islamic Index which is Pakistan’s first ever comprehensive Shariah Compliant Stock Index.

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3. Shariah Compliant Corporate Restructuring

Interest is a common pain in the economy domestically and internationally. Interest based financial system necessitates the use of riskier instruments which being highly speculative can disrupt an economy in downturns. Islamic financial principles propose Shariah Compliant yet highly robust alternatives for the financial needs of the economy. Meezan Bank has had the unique experience of converting conventional banks into an Islamic Bank. The Bank also provides Shariah Technical and Support Services to corporate clients to convert all operations of the clients into making them Shariah-compliant.

4. Preparation of Shariah Governance and Regulatory Frameworks

Meezan Bank offers a great support to any institution interested in the formation of a reputable Shariah Supervisory Board. This support includes the development of Shariah Governance Framework including the reference of world renowned Shariah Scholars, assistance in finalizing the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Shariah Advisor / Shariah Supervisory Board and assistance in holding the Shariah Supervisory Board Meetings.

5. Business Plan

MBL, being the premier Islamic Bank of Pakistan, provides state-of-the-art business plans to Islamic financial institutions including competitive landscape analysis, feasibility studies, financial projections, research, product line extensions, channel and marketing strategy.

6. Islamic Insurance (Takaful)

Meezan Bank provides Shariah-compliant services to insurance companies for introducing Takaful windows. MBL provides assistance in the areas of Shariah supervisory framework, product development and refinement, capacity building, investment guidelines, Shariah audit, Shariah compliance and internal controls.

7. Certifications, Corporate Trainings & Customised Trainings

Islamic Banking and Finance is a nascent but growing industry. Meezan Bank being the Pioneer in Islamic Banking is leading the way towards Islamization of financial sector and subsequently Islamization of economy. Meezan Bank has technical experts’ who conduct training sessions at the request of the client organizations at their premises. The bank also has distinguished speakers who regularly participate in national and international symposiums, conferences, seminars, workshops and other platforms. Eminent scholars conduct IslamicBanking courses at various academic institutes and provide services for course structuring, curriculum development and testing services.

International Institute of Islamic Bankers (IIIB) is an awareness, learning and development initiative of Meezan Bank. It is a global network of students, researchers, bankers and finance professionals interested in the exciting field. IIIB has collaborated with different top-tier institutions and professional bodies to hold workshops on various areas of interest in Islamic Finance.

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Core Clients

Meezan Bank has extensive experience and expertise in Islamic Banking and Finance. The main objective of Meezan Bank’s Islamic Financial Advisory function is to assist Institutions by sharing our expertise, researches and success stories which we gained over the years. This function works under the guidance of Shariah Supervisory Board which comprises of renowned Islamic Scholars from both Pakistan and abroad.

Islamic Financial Advisory division of Product Development & Shariah Compliance department provides Shariah Advisory and Shariah Technical services and support services to fulfill the needs of an industry those who desire to convert or start Shariah-compliant Business’ locally or Internationally. To date, this division has provided Shariah related advisory services to various institutions locally and internationally including Mutual Funds, Hire Purchase Company, Conventional Banks, Islamic Banks.

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