Branch operations from Meezan Bank Hussainabad branch have been temporarily shifted to Meezan Bank Water Pump Branch, Karachi

August 13th, 2012

Meezan Bank is conducting infrastructural work at the Hussainabad branch, Karachi, due to which all branch operations have been shifted to the Water Pump Branch, Karachi. Customers may visit the Water Pump branch for all branch-related banking services.

The shift in operations will not affect any banking transactions or customer or account details. Customers may continue using all Online Banking services from any Meezan Bank branch or may visit the Water Pump Branch for their branch-specific services.

We regret any inconvenience faced by our customers due to the temporary shift in operations.

Meezan Water Pump Branch

Address: Plot No. BS-13, Block-14, Federal B. Area, Karachi

Phone:  +92 (21) 36332443, 36332523