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Cutting-edge Services for Different Industries and Sectors

Meezan Bank Limited has been at the forefront of the Islamic Banking since the last decade. More than a bank unlike others in the post-renaissance context we have been serving our clientele with utmost diligence to harness and garner long term relationships, the efforts for which are evident from the growth of our asset size.

Committed to its vision, the commercial banking team at MBL has been dedicated to providing on the edge services to our clients while exploring new industries and sectors to cater to the expanding demands of the industrious and progressive individuals driving the engine of Pakistan’s economy.



For working capital financing, primarily to secure raw materials

Istisna / Tijarah
Istisna / Tijarah

For supporting the clients in securing the payments and maintenance of working capital for smooth operation of business

jarah/Diminishing Musharka
Ijarah / Diminishing Musharakah

Long-term facilities for acquisition of fixed assets like vehicles, plant and machinery etc. These are the alternatives to conventional leasing solution operation of the business

Bai Salam
Bai Salam

Export bill discounting solution, the facility can be availed in combination with Istisna / Tijarah and Murabaha as retirement channels

Non Funded Lines
Non Funded Lines

Both foreign and inland sight LCs and Usance LCs along with Letter of Guarantees are available at our counters.


Sectors like, ship breaking, cotton ginning, oil milling, textile spinning, flour milling and trading, rice milling and trading,, sugar milling, petroleum transportation, fertilizer trading, to name just a few among others from all three arenas of the economy’s industry have been enjoying services that are custom made to ensure the execution of every transaction in a fluid and risk-defined protocol.

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