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Cost Effective & Highly Convenient

Meezan Payroll Card enables Corporates to disburse payments (Salary, pension, staff reimbursements and bonus) to their employees in a cost effective, convenient, less riskier and more efficient manner. The product offers quicker receipt of salaries as the payment is loaded onto the m-Wallet for instant access to money.

Business m-Wallet

Under this new solution, a business m-Wallet account (L3 Account) will be issued to the Corporate along with a core banking account.

Individual m-Wallet

An Individual m-Wallet Account (L2 Account) will be issued to the Salaried Individuals along with an ATM Card to operate their m-Wallet Account

Web Portal

A Web Portal will be offered to the company to disburse payments (payroll, bonus etc) at anytime and at their own convenience

Instant Disbursement

Payments will be immediately disbursed and will be instantly available to the Salaried Individuals

Financial Transactions

Credit Transactions:
  • Salary
Debit transactions:
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Mobile Bill Payments (Prepaid / Postpaid)
  • ISP Payments
Non-Financial Transactions:
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Mini Statement

Time Required

  • For Individual Account Opening : Once NADRA is integrated with our system. ‘one-minute account’ opening will be performed.
  • For Payroll Execution : Corporate has the access to web portal to process salary.

Data Verification

Our systems are intelligent and perform data verification procedure before payment execution to ensure your payments are only made to the authorised individual.

Nature of Card

Currently our Payroll Card is configured to operate on ATM machines only.

Control over Payments

Better Control. Corporate can view status of each individual transaction (from web portal). And can easily keep track of the uploaded files and payment history.

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