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380 banks in 88 countries & 700 Global Correspondents

Financial Institutions, a part of the Treasury and F.I. Group, primarily focuses on building and maintaining relationships within the Financial sector. Relations range from authenticated communication links by way of SWIFT RMA to Trade, Treasury and account maintenance in different currencies worldwide.
With over 380 banks in 88 countries, our 700 globally located correspondents provide all trade services, seeking to add value and service to our branches and functional units. Services include advising, confirmation, discounting of letter of credits, reimbursement undertakings and standby LCs and guarantees. Further, the ever-increasing SWIFT RMA relationships with financial institutions serve to route all kinds of transactions.

Services Provided

L/C Advising

L/C Confirmation

Islamic Alternative to Discounting of Export Bills

Reimbursement Undertakings

Standby Letters of Credit


International Finance Corporation’s Global Trade Finance Programme

Boosting Access to Trade Finance for Entrepreneurs & Businesses

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Asian Development Bank’s Trade Finance Facilitation Programme

Facilitating Letters of Credit

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Contact our Dedicated Representatives

Syed Yasir Ali

Senior Vice-President & Unit Head

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Saud Shakeel

Senior Relationship Manager

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Ayesha Shahid

Relationship Manager

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Muhammad Hammad

Senior Relationship Manager

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Muhammad Qasim

Manager - FI Compliance & Operations

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Rija Ashfaq

Associate Relationship Manager

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Umair Usmani

FI Compliance & Operations

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