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Meezan Easy Remit

The Fast & Reliable Way to Send Money Home

Meezan Easy Remit is a Home Remittance service which provides an easy, fast and reliable way for Pakistanis who are working abroad to send money to their families and relatives living in Pakistan. The money sent from abroad can be immediately collected from any branch of Meezan Bank which has a strong presence with more than 800 branches in more than 240 cities across Pakistan.

Home Remittance Tracker

Ways to Send Remittance

Cash Over Counter

Cash Over Counter

Receive cash payment up to Rs. 500,000 from any branch of Meezan Bank without having to open an account.

Online Transfer

Online Transfer

Instant and real time credit to the beneficiary's Meezan Bank account at any branch in Pakistan.

Other Banks' Beneficiaries

Other Banks' Beneficiaries

Transfer money to customers of other banks through the Real Time Gross Settlement system (RTGS).

Inter-bank Fund Transfer

Inter-bank Fund Transfer

Transfer money to any 1-Link member bank instantly and real-time.

Mobile Wallets

Instant credit facility to Mobile Wallets

A real-time funds transfer in M-Wallets.

How Meezan Easy Remit Works


Step 1 : Find an Easy Remit Agent.

Step 2 : Fill the Remittance Sending form and give it to the agent/ correspondent along with the remittance amount you wish to send.

Step 3 : The agent/correspondent will give you a PIN code.

Step 4 : Contact the family member/beneficiary to whom you are sending the money and give them the PIN code and details of the remittance amount which they can then collect from any branch of Meezan Bank.


Step 1 : Have the PIN code given by the sender/remitter.

Step 2 : Visit any branch of Meezan Bank with your original identity document (e.g. CNIC/ Passport/NICOP) and a copy of it.

Step 3 : Fill-in and sign the 'Remittance Payment Slip' and submit it to the branch official with your identity document.

Step 4 : Once your details are matched, you will be given the remittance amount within a few minutes.

Home Remittance Accounts

Facilitate the Beneficiaries of Home Remittance

You can open three types of Remittance accounts with us

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