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A Completely Halal & Riba Free Travel Solution

Download Fatwa on Meezan Labbaik (English) Download Fatwa on Meezan Labbaik (Urdu)

Labbaik Travel Asaan is a completely Halal & Riba Free Travel Solution, ideal for you & your family if you wish to perform Umrah / Hajj with the comfort and convenience. Please visit your nearest Meezan Bank branch, Select Umrah Package of your selected travel agent and perform your religious rituals with peace of mind.

Key Features

Complete Packages

Complete Packages

Packages available for desired days and durations for both Makkah & Madina.

Visa Processing

Visa Processing

Complete Visa Processing.

Airline Tickets

Airline Tickets

Confirmed return airline tickets on desired Airline subject to seat availability.



Accomodation available in 3,4 & 5 star Hotels in Makkah & Madina.



Complete Transport by Bus for Groups.

Double Umrah

Double Umrah

Double Umrah facility may be provided upon request.



Ziarat in Makkah & Madina may also be provided upon request.

Govt Hajj Scheme 2017

Pakistani citizens who plan to undertake pilgrimage can now apply for Govt. Hajj 2017.

  • Fee:
    Without Qurbani With Qurbani
    Karachi/ Quetta/Sukkur Rs. 270,000 Rs. 283,050
    Isd/ Lhr/ Pew/ Mul/ RYK/ Fsd /Skt Rs. 280,000 Rs. 293,050
  • Application collection period (17th April 2017 - 26th April 2017).
  • Applications will be selected on the basis of balloting that will be conducted by MORA (Ministry of Religious Affairs) on 28th April 2017 - BALLOT RESULTS
  • Permitted Group Size: 1-14 members

Hajj dues on Account of Infants for Hajj - 2017

  • Hajj dues on account of infants, born after 19-10-2015 accompanying the parents would be as under:
    Item South Region North Region
    10% of Hajj airfare Rs. 8,500/- Rs. 9,400/-
    Hujjaj Mohafiz Fund Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-
    Vaccination Charges Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1000/-
    Zamzam Charges Rs. 290/- Rs. 290/-
    Total Rs. 10,290/- Rs. 11,190/-
  • For the adults and other children normal Hajj dues would be charged.

Documents Required

  • Three Photographs
    • 4x3 Centimeter with light blue background should be obtained without glasses. (Polaroid and scanned photos are not allowed)
    • In case of women, photo wearing Scarf is mandatory i.e. head, neck and ears covered.
  • International Machine Readable (IMRP) Passport Copy
    • Validity period of passport must not be less than 01-3-2018
  • CNIC Copy
  • Medical Certificate
    • Blood group test report

For further details please contact your nearest branch or Meezan Labbaik Team

Hajj Packages

Al Saeed Packages

Al Saeed Packages

21 Days
40 Days
40 Days Sharing - Booking Closed
Dar-al-Emaan Packages

Dar Al Eiman Packages

13 Days
18 Days
28 Days
Universal Brothers Packages

Universal Brothers Packages

17 Days

Umrah Packages

*Labbaik Travel Asaan - Installment Facility @ 0 % Installment facility is available for all Umrah & Hajj packages

Disclaimer: Please note that the role of Meezan Bank is limited to sales and fund collecting agent of the Travel Agents while travel arrangements and delivery of the packages is the sole responsibility of the selected Travel Agent. Meezan Bank will also facilitate the sale of Packages on Installments at 0% financing rate.

Who can avail Labbaik Installment Facility?

Installment Amount / DBR

Monthly installment should not be more than 40% for net monthly income /- (For Salaried, SEP and Businessmen)

Other Requirements

Down Payment minimum 25% for Umrah & 50% for Hajj

Tenor 12 Months

Processing Fee Approx. 3,000 (At Actual) other contents are same

How to Avail Labbaik Umrah/Hajj facility

For Cash

To apply for Meezan Bank’s Labbaik Umrah/Hajj on Cash fill out the application form (available at any Branch and on Meezan Bank’s Website), attach the required documents and enjoy Holy journey with peace of mind After completion of visa, ticket & hotel etc.

Labbaik Application Form (Full payment)
Application Form (Full Payment)

For Installment

To apply for Meezan Bank’s Labbaik Umrah/Hajj on Installment, fill out the application form (available at any Branch and on Meezan Bank’s Website), attach the required documents and get your financing approved for Umrah/Hajj

Labbaik Application Form (Installment basis)
Application Form (Installment Plan)
Appendix N - Undertaking for Financing Facilities
VISA requirements
  • Application Form
  • Original Machine Readable Passports
  • 4 photograph each 4x3 cm (with sky blue back ground) Ladies with scarf
  • CNIC copy
  • Signed copy of selected Package
Documents for Installment cases

Would you like more information?

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