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Life at Meezan Bank

At Meezan Bank, we ensure that the balance between work and life is maintained because we want YOU to enjoy your life at work. This philosophy drives us to go the extra mile for our employees who can enjoy the privilege of using a wide range of state-of-the art facilities both in-house as well as outside.

Praying Area

Dedicated Praying Areas

Neat and spacious prayer area is essential for every workplace; Meezan Bank provides its employees with an in-house modern architectural style Masjid that serves their spiritual needs. Our Head Office building is also equipped with dedicated praying area for females with praying mats placed in Qibla direction to allow them with uninterrupted and peaceful environment.

Physical and Mental Fitness

The Bank believes that staying fit and active, both mentally and physically, is essential for the wellbeing of its employees. This is why we provide the Meezan Family with:

  • Fully equipped gym facilities and indoor games.
  • Modern swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
  • Modern library with a diverse collection of books, magazine and various printed materials.
Farmhouse & hut

Farmhouse and Beach Huts

To ensure work life balance, our lavish Farmhouse and Beach Huts are available for our employees where they can take a break from daily routine and can enjoy interactive and entertaining experiences with their friends and families.

In-house Cafeteria

A spacious and well-built in-house cafeteria that offers tantalizing hygienic food to all employees at subsidized rates. In order to promote a culture of health equity, the Bank also provides its janitorial staff with free of cost food every day (optional).


Grand Auditorium and Training Facilities

The Bank ensures a learning culture across the organization and in doing so it provides a grand auditorium, video conferencing rooms, mock branches and training centers across the country.

Secure & Subsidized Transport Service

Employee safety is our top-most priority and to ensure this we have high quality shuttle service that is accompanied by dedicated guards through which employees are picked and dropped at their nearest stop.


Day Care Facility for Working Mothers

In an effort to provide a productive environment for its female employees, the Bank has initiated Day Care facility at its Head Office. With proper caretakers, reading and learning material and essential baby equipment, this facility has greatly enhanced peace of mind for the working ladies at Meezan Bank.