Meezan Bank has the largest number of CSAA Qualified Professionals in the banking sector of Pakistan

July 20th, 2017

Meezan Bank now has the largest number of CSAA (Certified Shari’ah Adviser and Auditor) qualified professionals in any bank in Pakistan. CSAA certification, offered by AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions), is an important qualification in the world of Islamic Finance that equips candidates with detailed and in-depth understanding of the Shariah-principles and rulings about a wide range of elements.

Currently, there are seventeen CSAA qualified professionals in Pakistan, out of which eight are with Meezan Bank. The Bank also has one of the largest Islamic Finance research and product development teams in the world.

AAOIFI is a leading international not-for-profit organization primarily responsible for development and issuance of standards for the global Islamic finance industry. AAOIFI is supported by a number of institutional members, including central banks and regulatory authorities, financial institutions, accounting and auditing firms and legal firms from over 45 countries. Its standards are currently followed by the leading Islamic financial institutions across the world and have introduced a progressive degree of harmonisation among international Islamic finance practices.

With a network of 571 branches in 146 cities, Meezan Bank has successfully brought Islamic Banking to each and every doorstep in Pakistan and has been a key contributor in the growth and development of Pakistan’s Islamic Banking industry. The Bank is also recognized as a prominent player and contributor in the field of Islamic Banking internationally.