Meezan Bank & Samba Bank collaborate with Embassy of Pakistan to celebrate the Success of Roshan Digital Account – A Banking Service for Non-Resident Pakistanis

August 25th, 2022

Meezan Bank and Samba Bank in collaboration with the Embassy of Pakistan in Bahrain hosted a reception at the Gulf Hotel, Manama – Bahrain by inviting prominent Non-Resident Pakistanis and customers to celebrate the success of Roshan Digital Account (RDA) in Pakistan. Dr. Murtaza Syed – Acting Governor, State Bank of Pakistan virtually participated in the event and addressed the audience. Also present at the occasion were His Excellency, Mr. Muhammad Ayub, Ambassador of Pakistan in Bahrain, Mr. Irfan Siddiqui – President & CEO, Meezan Bank and Mr. Ahmad Tariq Azam – Acting President & CEO, Samba Bank Limited along with key team members.

State Bank of Pakistan, with the goal of achieving digitization is working towards providing technology-enabled banking solutions for everyone in Pakistan. As an extension of this goal, Non-Resident Pakistanis can also avail financial services digitally through RDA, which include account opening and investment in different sectors in the country even from outside Pakistan.

In his speech, Dr. Murtaza Syed – Acting Governor, State Bank of Pakistan briefed the audience on the current economic situation of the country and thanked the NRPs living in Bahrain for their support and contribution over the past two years, that has evidently resulted in increasing the inflow of foreign remittances to Pakistan.

In his welcome address, His Excellency, Mr. Muhammad Ayub, Ambassador of Pakistan highlighted the contributions of the Pakistani diaspora in the socio-economic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain and also Pakistan through significant remittances. He also underlined the vital contributions of the Pakistani community in strengthening the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Bahrain.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Irfan Siddiqui – President & CEO, Meezan Bank thanked the guests for attending the event and said, “Alhamdulillah, Meezan Bank is the only bank to have received One Billion USD in remittances under the Roshan Digital Account initiative. We are pleased to be celebrating this achievement with you on Meezan Bank’s 25th Anniversary, to honour the support extended by the Overseas Pakistani community who have raised the profile of the Bank in local and international communities. I would like to dedicate this celebration to our valued customers and employees whose trust and commitment has enabled the Bank to grow into one of the leading banks of the country.”

Mr. Ahmad Tariq Azam, Officiating President & CEO, Samba Bank Limited, while addressing the gathering of Non-Resident Pakistani diaspora accentuated on the national importance of the Roshan Digital initiative and highlighted that this digital platform has provided the all-important financial linkage to the Overseas Pakistanis with their homeland. It not only fulfills to their basic banking needs but also provides a complete lifestyle solution to the NRPs and their families. He asserted that Samba Bank Limited takes pride in extending world class banking services to its RDA holders and would continue to cater to their varied banking requirements through our state-of-the-art technological infrastructure.

Mr. Azam, in his closing remarks, further stressed that Pakistan and Bahrain have a long-standing relationship of bilateral cooperation and such events not only bring the Pakistani community closer but also strengthen the bond of coalition between two countries.

Over 200 guests attended the event including various industry leaders and professionals from the Pakistani community in Bahrain. The event also coincides with Pakistan’s 75th Independence Year celebrations.

After dinner, Meezan Bank and Samba Bank announced availability of their teams at the Pakistan Embassy on the next day for facilitation of Overseas Pakistanis living in Bahrain. Subsequently, the teams will be visiting various camp sites for two additional days to provide them with maximum assistance.

Meezan Bank and Samba Bank RDA Event

His Excellency, Mr. Muhammad Ayub, Ambassador of Pakistan in Bahrain with Mr. Irfan Siddiqui – President & CEO, Meezan Bank and Mr. Ahmad Tariq Azam – Acting President & CEO – Samba Bank.