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A Scalable and Automatic Platform

Meezan Bank’s eBiz+ (Payments & Cash Management Solution) is a scalable, automated platform optimized for organizations that consider secure and timely execution of their collections & payments a critical component of their business.Through eBiz+ Meezan Bank will enable its esteemed clientele to centralize their Collections & Payments efficiently while increasing visibility and control over their cash flows. Equipped with the most comprehensive array of service offerings, our system can manage the needs of businesses of all sizes while being modular in design for the greatest possible flexibility.


Centralize and simplify your payments

In today’s competitive business environment management of a company’s working capital has become crucial as it helps in increasing liquidity while keeping costs low. Keeping this in mind Meezan Bank has engineered its comprehensive and fully optimized payments platform that minimizes costs and improves straight-through processing. Leveraging our comprehensive system you can make use of a wide assortment of payment methods both electronic and paper based.

Impeccable integration

With our advanced payment platform you can initiate transactions in singular or bulk form as well as gain host-to-host connectivity with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)systems. Complementing the payments module we provide you accessreal–time account information. This will aid you in maintaining a clear view of your organization's day-to-day cash positions, enabling you to make better use of your surplus balances.

Digitize Your Authorization Schedule

Replicate your company's signing authorities on our online environment by defining user permissions. Customizable as per the specific needs of your business.Gain increased control over your financial transactions through the ability to require multiple signing officers to approve electronic transactions.

ebiz + Offers the Following Payment Related Services

Account Details

Internal Funds Transfer

(Meezan to Meezan Account)

eBiz+ portal can be used to transfer funds across any Meezan Bank Account across Pakistan on real time basis with straight through processing.

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Utility & Tax Payment

(Meezan eBiz+ Application)

Utility bills and tax related payment module is a recent addition in Meezan eBiz+ Application. Through this module customers will be able to manage their utility bills and tax related payments online 24/7 (within due dates only).

Meezan Bank’s system is connected with 1link billing system for real time fetching of billing data to manage your payments smoothly and efficiently. Bills for utility companies available on the 1link can be paid online using Meezan eBiz+, subject to availability of the data of respective bill and that the bills are within due dates only. Meezan eBiz+ Application has provision to accommodate both single and bulk utility payments.

Fund Transfers and Payments

eBiz+ Cheques

(Meezan Bank Pay Order)

eBiz+ Cheque (Pay Order) single or bulk issuance request can also be initiated using our eBiz+ module. The PO issuance request will land electronically at our designated CM processing center. The Payments & Cash Management team from there will issue the PO and will dispatch/deliver them as per customer instructions.

Multiple Transaction Requests

Corporate Cheques

(Cheque Outsourcing Services)

Using our payment portal customers can request for issuance of Corporate Cheques single or bulk. Our designated CM processing Center will print the cheques with or without customer’s digital signatures as per the customer’s requirement and will be dispatched to the respective address based on the instructions provided.

Fund Transfers and Payments


(Inter Bank Funds Transafer)

IBFT will enable customers to transfer funds instantly between banks without any hassle via our payment platform. This service allows customers to transfer funds from their account to any of the millions of accounts of other 1Link member banks across the country.

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RTGS Request

(Real Time Gross Settlement)

The Payments & Cash Management System has a module which allows you to send RTGS requests as well. All such requests will land electronically at our central CM Operations system for onward processing.

Multiple Transaction Requests


Meezan Bank’s Platform uses the highest level of security available in the market. All communications between your browser and the payment portal are fully encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption on payment execution. It is optimized with a multi-factor authentication process for a more secured and fail safe transaction

  • User ID / password
  • Transaction PIN (daily / weekly / monthly)
  • One Time Password Token Device (for Signatories only)


Streamlined Receivables

Collections are critical to your business cycle. When it comes to receivables a company needs to provide as many avenues to its customers as possible. You need the ability to accept payments through multiple payment modes.Meezan Bank delivers the right array of collection services designed to meet the evolving needs of today's most complex organizations.

Impeccable integration

Meezan Bank Collection Services will aid in reducing your overall collection costs and maximize your working capital. Complementing the collections solution, we provide our customers with a transaction information portal from where you can access transactional information real-time from anywhere, at anytime. No matter what the business model our collections services can provide you assistance as you take your business to new levels of effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

Our dedicated team will enable you to:

  • Realize collections nationwide
  • Deposit all kinds of incoming instruments
  • Receive online collections
  • Automate your billing process
  • Control & Predict your incoming cash flows

ebiz + Offers the Following Collections Related Services

Customized Deposit Receipts

CDS is a convenient way for the Corporate or Commercial Entity of going about their collection endeavor. Used by Companies which have a decentralized control over their warehouses due to the remoteness of their locations. Leveraging Meezan Bank’s wide branch network dealers can deposits payments into the company account from any Meezan Bank branch.

Account Details

Payment Voucher

This specific instrument is given to the distributors against their performed transactions. This securitized paper is a non-negotiable instrument which is proof that the Company account has been credited. The proposed product works in the interest of both the parties, providing the dealers the same benefits as a Pay Order while eliminating the ‘Transit Time’ for the customer whilst mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities.

Account Details


(Standing Instruction Debit Authority)

Designed to create a single, convenient and efficient way of collections. This specific collection module concentrates all control in the hands of the customer. SIDA offers its customers increased control over cash flow while reducing the operational costs. SIDA can optimize the process of collecting payment obligations for non-micro enterprises.

Multiple Transaction Requests


Designed to cater the need of large companies which are centrally controlled and have a few large dealers handling their distribution. This dealer-initiated collection module allows stake holders of the customer to directly transfer funds to the company’s account by leveraging the power of the internet using our eBiz+ subsidiary portal access capability. The module significantly reduces the processing time of the transaction and maximizes your cash flow by immediately crediting your central account.

Account Details

Information Reporting

Meezan Bank’s Information Reporting Platform provides users with an unprecedented level of visibility across all collections and disbursement activities. The reporting module hosts an array of specialized reports which can be customized as per the requirement of each client aiding you in managing and processing the financial information better. Leveraging an embedded reports engine, the module supports real-time access to transactional information and accountbalances. Apart from the MIS Reporting Capability the platform also houses a module whereby the cus-tomer can access the companies Account Statements, which can be downloaded into multiple formats

Account Details

Sweep Set-ups

Based on the company instructions the surplus balance from your operating account is automatically swept into a savings account overnight. Funds are then transferred back and forth as per customer requirement.

Multiple Transaction Requests

MIS Scheduler

Transaction updates is an intra-day service which keeps you posted to the various debit and credit entries as they happen in your account at any given time of the day. With Interim Transaction Report you can stay on top of your cash position.

Account Details

Alert Services

If you are an entity which keeps a constant watch on their cash flows then our alert engine is just what you need. Our alert service engine enables you to keep yourself updated of the incoming transactions down to the very second. Through this service you can proactively monitor your accounts and get instant updates wherever you are via both email and/or SMS. The alerts are modular and can be customized depending on the information you require to be present in it.

For Queries and Assistance

Call us at 021 - 36406139

PABX 021 - 38103500
Ext: 2318, 2224, 2316

Helpful Downloads : eBiz+ Brochure


Below is the list of facilities available on Meezan eBiz+:

  • Issue Corporate Cheque
  • Issue eBiz+ Cheques (Pay Order)
  • Transfer Funds between Meezan Bank accounts (IFT)
  • Request for RTGS
  • Salary Disbursement
  • Download Reports and Statements.
  • View Account Balances and Statements.
You can Log In to Meezan eBiz+ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (refer to Terms & Conditions for details).
You can register for Meezan eBiz+ by filling out the Company and User Registration Forms along with the Terms & Conditions document. After successful registration and activation of internet banking account, you will be provided username, passwords and token (For Authorized Signatories Only) devices to operate Meezan eBiz+.
Once registered; you will receive an email from [email protected] bearing your User ID and Password. You can use these to login to our Meezan eBiz+ website. If you’re an Authorizer you will also require your Token device whilst logging in. Make sure that you have the required hardware and software. In order to maintain maximum security, when you login for the first time, you will be asked to change your Password.
In case you forget your username, password or both, please email us on [email protected] between banking hours for Password reset from your authorized Company email ID.

If you have any query(s) which is/are not covered here please email us at [email protected]

Security & Log In

As per international standards, Meezan Bank uses all the necessary tools to protect transactions and accounts from unauthorized access. These include Firewalls and SSL certificates - encryption and VeriSign authentication service. No one can read or tamper the information that travels between your computer and Meezan Bank Server(s) because we have taken strong measures to ensure security and privacy of your transactions.

Fraudulent Emails

Do not reply to fraudulent emails asking you to confirm information such as Internet banking Username, Password and/or and personal information. These are not genuine emails. If you receive such an email, please do not click on any link or provide any eBiz+ log in details. While we may send you emails from time to time, we will never send emails inquiring about your eBiz+ information. If you suspect you have received a fraudulent email, please forward it to us for investigation at [email protected] and then delete it from your inbox.

Meezan eBiz+ with its multi layered security architecture provides you with a safe and secure environment for carrying out your daily business transactions. The following security features ensure that only authorized users have access to their accounts:

  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL) with 256 bit encryption to ensure complete privacy of data.
  • 3-FA (Factor Authentication) i.e. three levels of authentication in the form of Password, PIN generated and Security Token Device.
  • Time-Out feature which automatically terminates a session after a pre-defined period of inactivity.
  • Auto account lock on three unsuccessful login attempts.

Encryption allows information to travel between you and Meezan Bank in a secure environment that cannot be read by anyone else. It is a way of 'scrambling' information to make it impossible to read unless the recipient has the ability to 'un-scramble' it.

The strength of encryption can be measured by the number of 'bits' used in the 'scrambling' process. The latest web browsers use 256-bit encryption: the most secure form currently available. Meezan eBiz+ can only be accessed using 256-bit encryption.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an Internet security standard that ensures all information transmitted between your browser and Meezan eBiz+ is encrypted. 256-bit SSL is supported by all major browsers. We recommend you use the latest 'supported' (i.e. not beta) manufacturer browser with any security patches.
Companies who operate a corporate firewall may not permit access to all sites. You should consult with your Local Area Network (LAN) administrator if you are unable to access Meezan eBiz+. Q. What must I do if may have divulged my eBiz+ Security Details? If you are concerned that you may have divulged your security details please call us on the following numbers immediately.
Tel: 02138103500
Ext: 2320; 2621; 3603; 2322.

Access to your company’s account details are controlled via the login process. It is therefore essential that you do not divulge or write down your username or password or share the token device. Take great care when logging in. You must change your password in case of suspicion or you can contact us at [email protected] (Queries will be solved during bank hours) if you suspect someone has seen your username or password.

In case your email address has been hacked, please contact the following numbers immediately and get the Meezan eBiz+ service blocked as all correspondence is delivered via email.

Meezan Bank will never send emails that ask for confidential information. If you receive an email requesting your Meezan eBiz+ security details, you should not respond. These are not genuine emails. If you receive such an email, please do not click on any link or provide any Internet Banking log on details.

While we may send you emails from time to time, we will never send emails inquiring about your Internet banking information. Please forward it to us at [email protected]

If you have any query(s) which is/are not covered here please email us at [email protected]

For optimal use and best performance, we recommend the following computer system and software settings:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.
  • Hardware Requirements: Pentium or equivalent processor and 32MB RAM. 16 bit high color graphics.
  • A modem (the faster the better), Access to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Local Area Network (LAN).
  • System Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.x (or higher),
  • Internet connection speed: at least 1Mbps
eBiz+ is designed for a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or above. To check or alter your current resolution, please refer to your PC user manual.
Companies who operate a corporate firewall may not permit access to all sites. You should consult with your Local Area Network (LAN) administrator if you are unable to access Meezan eBiz+.
eBiz+ uses temporary cookies to enable our site to work efficiently. Cookies are small pieces of data which we store within your browser to allow us to see where you are within the site. These are deleted at the end of your session.
If you have any query(s) which is/are not covered here please email us at [email protected]