National Financial Literacy Program (NFLP-II)

May 9th, 2023

National Financial Literacy Program

Meezan Bank has launched National Financial Literacy Program (NFLP-II) in collaboration with State Bank of Pakistan across Nineteen districts of Pakistan with the objective of spreading knowledge about Islamic finance to the wider public.

NFLP is a national development cause where the Bank is contributing towards the economy of the country. Through persistent efforts, NFLP will empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding their finances.

Who Can Benefit From NFLP? Literacy and awareness sessions conducted under NFLP are not merely limited to the unbanked population but shall be imparted to all individuals who wish to manage their finances effectively. Throughout this Program, the Bank shall also prioritize women’s financial inclusion, encouraging them to participate in economic activities of Pakistan.

In case of any queries, please contact our dedicated team of field trainers on the following email addresses:

Karachi [email protected]
[email protected]
Peshawar [email protected]
Bahawalpur [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Rawalpindi [email protected]
Gujranwala [email protected]
Lahore [email protected]