Notice of Board Meeting and Closed Period

February 9th, 2016

This is to inform you that 73rd Meeting of the Board of Directors of Meezan Bank Limited will be held Inshallah on Monday, February 22, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. in Karachi, Pakistan.

Please be advised that pursuant to clause xxiii of the Code of Corporate Governance, the period starting from February 09, 2016 to February 22, 2016 (both days inclusive) has been declared by the Bank as  ‘Closed Period’. Therefore, CEO, DCEO, CFO,Company Secretary, Head of Internal Audit and any other  Executive of Meezan Bank and his/her spouse should not deal in the shares of Meezan Bank Ltd. during the Closed Period i.e. between February 09, 2016 to February 22, 2016 (both days inclusive).

The Executives intending to  purchase or sell the shares of Meezan Bank Limited any time after expiry of the Closed Period, should give prior written notice to the Company Secretary of their intention to do so before executing the Transaction and subsequently they must provide complete details of the actual Transaction  within two days of the transaction is executed enabling the Company Secretary  to immediately notify the Transaction to  Karachi Stock Exchange in terms of the revised listing rules and also subsequently report the transaction to the  Board of Directors in compliance of  the Corporate Governance-2012.

Note: Minimum Threshold for Disclosure of Transaction in Bank’s Shares by Executives: The Board of Directors in its  67th meeting ,  defined the  term “Executive” as All  Executives of Meezan Bank drawing Basic Salary of Rs. 1,200,000 or more in a year. Kindly cascade this notice to all Executives in your Department / Region/Area/Branches, directly or indirectly reporting to you.