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Open Smart Wallet in no time and enjoy the benefits of a Riba-free current account!

Smart Wallet is a Qarz base Islamic wallet which enables customers to open an account without the hassle of paperwork. Open a Smart Wallet simply through biometric verification and use the Meezan Mobile App to perform transactions from the ease of your home!

Requirements for Using Meezan Smart Wallet - Current

Key Features

Account Opening

Instant account opening

Instant account opening


ATM access

Nationwide ATM access through PayPak Debit card


Biometric scanning

Cash withdrawal from any Meezan branch after biometric verification



No minimum deposit requirement

Online Banking

Internet and Online Banking

Free internet and mobile banking services

Bill Payment

Bill Payment

Instant Utility Bill Payment

Terms & Conditions

How the Smart Wallet - Current Works?

Smart Wallet - Current is based on Qarz Contract where the Bank is liable to pay the customer’s money back on demand. The Bank can use these funds for investment or other purposes. This account allows you the peace of mind of having your money safely deposited with the Bank with the additional assurance that the Bank is not investing your money in activities that contravene Shariah principles.

Want to Open a Smart Wallet - Current

Visit a Branch

You may visit any branch of Meezan Bank and our staff will assist you in opening your account.

Locate a Branch