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Shariah Guided Treasury Operations

Meezan Bank realizes the need for management of funds in an efficient manner, and that of engaging customers through its fine pricing and wide array of products. To this end, the Treasury provides comprehensive solutions to cater to both, with its dedicated salesmanship, prudent trading and funds management all blended well to ensure Shariah compliance.

The Treasury is primarily responsible for managing the bank's funded book. The ALM desk is very active, trading local currency as well as foreign currency sukuks, executing placements and deposit transactions in the market through various Islamic modes including Musharika, Wakala, Bai Muajjal, Modaraba etc.


The Treasury Marketing Unit offers the following products to the bank's clientele.

Spot / Forward (Wa'ad) foreign exchange transactions

Bai Salam against spot and forward

An alternative to conventional foreign bill purchase

Fixed Income Sales Sukuks

Forward cover (Wa'ad based) against foreign private loan

Currency Outlook

Helpful Downloads: Forex Rates Foreign Remittance Rates

Market Standing

Treasury has enhanced its market activity with increased depth and enhanced volumes, making an impact in the inter-bank FX market. Due to its market standing and good relationship with other treasuries, Meezan's treasury has the ability to generate sufficient amount of liquidity at any time through the inter-bank market. Meezan Bank conducts Sukuk / Commodity Murabaha transaction to optimize its returns on its PKR / Dollar portfolio, besides participating in local/ international Sukuk issues.

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