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Shariah Compliant solution for Fleet Financing

Meezan Bank provides financing facility for a comprehensive range of commercial & non-commercial vehicles to logistics, transport, distribution, passenger transportation and other companies, etc. The Bank has established a dedicated unit to cater to this segment that needs financing ranging from small trucks, vans, coasters to large trucks, prime movers, buses, earth moving equipment & passenger cars, etc. This specialized unit has the capability and understanding of the dynamics of the transport industry and can therefore provide superior service and quick response to its customers

Key Features

Affordable Rental

Islamic Mode of Finance-Ijarah (Leasing)

Rental paid after delivery, not in advance

Offered to SME and Corporate entities

Fastest processing and delivery

Financing up to 90% of the asset cost

Affordable Rental

Flexible Pricing (Fixed or Floating rate with monthly/semi/annual revisions)

Affordable Rental

Payment Frequency (Monthly/Quarterly)

Rental paid after delivery, not in advance

Flexible terms (1-5 years)

Fastest processing and delivery

Fast processing

Affordable Rental

Rental starts after delivery of vehicle

Eligibility Criteria

All Small enterprises, Medium enterprises & Corporate entities complying with SME and Corporate/Commercial Banking PRs of SBP shall be eligible for Commercial Fleet Financing.

Premature Termination

If the customer wishes to terminate the Agreement before the agreed period, the customer will have an option to buy the vehicle at the agreed purchase price as mentioned in the Terminal-value schedule forming part of the Financing documents.


New Local Assembled

New Local Assembled

Brand new local assembled commercial vehicles like such as truck, buses, vans, coasters, pickups etc

Easy Builder

Used Local Assembled

Used locally assembled commercial vehicles like such as truck buses, vans, coasters, pickups etc.

Local and Imported used vehicles age limit is 5 years at the time of financing

Easy Renovate

Used Imported

Imported, used commercial vehicles like such as Toyota Hiace Van, Coasters Local and Imported used vehicles age limit is 5 years at the time of financing Financing is not available for imported used trucks, prime movers and buses

Easy Replace

New Imported

Brand new imported trucks, buses, vans, coasters etc

Car Ijarah Options

Who is the Target Market?

Meezan Bank’s Commercial Vehicles unit caters to Our product is for any business entity which is involved in the transportation business or required commercial vehicles to support their core business activities

  • Logistics companies
  • Goods transportation companies
  • Liquid transportation companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Passenger transport companies
  • Transportation companies engaged in contractual based services like such as pick & drop of employees
  • Rent a Car companies
  • Construction companies
  • Specialized cargo handling companies
  • Any company that requires commercial vehicles for their operations

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