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Durable Goods Financing

Meezan Consumer Ease is a Shariah-compliant financing facility for purchasing consumer durable goods such as air conditioners, refrigerators, generators etc. Under this facility, Meezan Bank will approve an overall limit for you after evaluating your application; you can then purchase durable goods, upto the amount of the facility approved for you, from the range of products offered by the Bank.

Key Features

Goods Financing

First ever limit based Islamic financing facility for consumer durable goods


Financing based on the Shariah-compliant concept of Musawwamah.

Easy Installment

Easy Installment options for 6 to 24 months.

Durable Goods

Limit is valid for 3 years, and will be utilized for purchase of durable goods.

Financing Limit

Financing limit ranges between a Minimum of 35,000/- up to the maximum of 1,000,000/-

MeezanSouq is a Mobile Application designed to simplify the way you use your Meezan Consumer Ease approved limit.

With the help of MeezanSouq Mobile App, you can easily buy your desired products from your selected stores after reviewing and exploring all the options. No paper work, no additional charges for buying a new product from your available limit.

Why choose MeezanSouq?

  • No processing fee
  • No documentation required  
  • No need to visit any Meezan Bank branch
  • 24/7 real-time access about active financings and limit consumption
  • Lower down payment of 5% as compared to 15% in existing model
  • Auto deduction of selected down payment
  • Reduced selling prices as compared to our existing model
  • On-spot purchase and opportunity to get benefit of bargaining

MeezanSouq Mobile Application

Packed with smart features, MeezanSouq Mobile Application provides secure, on-the-go access to your Meezan Consumer Ease limit with built-in powerful and intuitive tools for selecting and buying your dream products on easy monthly instalments.

Key Features:

  • View approved, consumed and available limit
  • Find nearby available stores
  • Shop by vendors or product categories
  • View details of selected product
  • View installment calculator
  • Select tenure for which you need financing
  • Select down payment from 5% to 50%
  • View Estimated payment plan in summarized or detailed form
  • View your active financings
  • Generate your QR code

Please contact our Dedicated Representatives for the link to download the app, If you already have an approved limit.


Yes, following are the pre-requisites:
  • You must have approved, active limit of Meezan Consumer Ease.
  • There must be sufficient cushion available in your limit to perform a transaction.
  • You need to sign digital conversion documents, provide three cheques and pay documentation charges. This is only required for the first time to enable your profile for using MeezanSouq.
  • You must have a smartphone with internet connection.
No. This service will work with any type of internet connection. It could be a Wi-Fi connection or your pre-paid or post-paid mobile network connection.
  • After downloading and installation, create your ID / Password by tapping ‘New user? Register’ from home screen of the App.
  • You must have valid CNIC number.
  • You must be using the mobile number, which is already registered with Meezan Bank Consumer Ease since the OTP will be sent on that number.
After installation, you’ll create your user name and password from the home screen of the App.
You can reset your password by tapping ‘Forgot password’ on home screen.
  • Call your relationship officer / manager for Meezan Consumer Ease or call at (021)-111-331-331 or 111-331-332 and speak to our Phone Banking officer .
  • Meezan Bank representative will brief you about digital conversion kit of MeezanSouq and send you the documents.
  • Please sign the received documents, provide three cheques of required amount and pay documentation charges as per the method explained in the conversion kit.
  • Ensure that your mobile number in Meezan Bank’s record is same which you are currently using, if not, give request for change of number (format available in conversion kit).
  • Download the App.
  • Install the App.
  • Create user name / password.
  • Login to the App and start exploring products.
Yes. MeezanSouq App provides a safe and secure way to make payments because the information is not stored in your mobile phone, which means that your Username and Password are never exposed even if your mobile phone is lost or stolen. All transactions are secured with Advanced Encryption Methodologies.
  • Any smartphone or tablet
  • Registered mobile number
  • User name
  • Password
No, it’s a free App.
You can select your desired product for Meezan Consumer Ease financing by:
  • Vendor / Store
  • Featured products / special offerings or
  • Product categories
3months, 6months, 12months, 18months and 24months.
Your limit remains valid for 3 years from the approval.
You will be able to login to the App but will not be able to perform transactions because this service is available for usage within Pakistan.
Your down payment will be automatically deducted from your debit instructions account, as per down payment percentage selected through the App. You’ve to ensure availability of sufficient funds in your account before performing this transaction.
You can select down payment ranging from 5% to 50% from Installment Calculator screen in App.
  • Pass through digital conversion process
  • Download App
  • Install App
  • Make ID/Password
  • Select product you want to finance
  • Select Tenure
  • Select Down Payment
  • Add to cart
  • Plan a visit to selected store
  • On the transaction day:
    • Scan QR code of store’s web portal
    • Finalize cart in coordination with the store manager
    • Follow steps as per messages / notifications received in App
    • Wait for the transaction ‘successful’ message
A QR code (Quick response code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode, which can be scanned by Smartphone camera. It saves time and effort while shopping at merchant outlet. With MeezanSouq, both the customer and/or merchant can scan QR code of one-another to synchronize their information and perform transaction.
  • Yes, in the first phase, MeezanSouq offers ‘in-store shopping’ model which requires the customer to visit the selected vendor’s shop/store and perform transaction and collect their required product.
  • Though we have necessary arrangements with the vendors to deliver the products at your doorstep but during the first phase, you must visit the store and perform the transaction. However, after the transaction, you can ask the store manager to deliver the product/s at your doorstep. (However, please note that the sales between you and Meezan Bank would have been concluded at this stage and risk-reward has been transferred to you, therefore the risk during the delivery will be yours).
Your available (un-consumed limit) limit is the amount which you can use to buy products.
You can select your desired product from MeezanSouq App. Durable products (electronic items, kitchen appliances, heating and cooling appliances, smart phones, gym equipment, etc.) and Motor Bikes of leading brands can be availed through the App.
Possible reasons include but not limited to following:
  • Unavailability of cushion in limit
  • Limit blocked due to delays in payments
  • Some settlement (s) of previously availed facility not properly executed / closed in system
You need to apply for the limit by providing documents defined here. You can call relationship managers or Meezan Bank Call Centre at (021)-111-331-331 or 111-331-332.
Yes, you can see the store details from Mobile App by tapping on store name and then on the exclamation sign (!) at the top right (beside the sign of cart). After tapping the exclamation sign, you can tap ‘get directions’ and you’ll directly move to the store location through Google Maps.
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Who is eligible for Consumer Ease

Citizenship and Age

Pakistani, Adult, Permanent resident

Salaried 20 – 60 years old

Businessmen and SEP 20 - 65 years old

Minimum Income Requirements

Salaried Class - 25,000/- (Gross Salary)

SEP - 40,000/-

Businessmen - 40,000/-

Instalment amount

Monthly instalment should not be more than 35% for net monthly income /- (For Salaried, SEP and Businessmen)

Other Requirement

Down Payment: From 5% to 50% of Market Price (T&C Apply)

Tenor: 3, 6, 12 , 18, 24 months

Payment Mode: Direct debit instruction (DDI)

Late Payment: No Late Payment Charges

Security : 3 cheques of Meezan Bank account

Note: In line with State Bank of Pakistan's regulatory requirement, negative history (i.e. overdue/ late payment/ write-off/ waiver) of consumer/individual customers will be reflected in eCIB reports for two years after settlement.


*All products/models are subject to availability. Incase, if desired product/model is not available, then the customer may choose from other available options.

Who can Apply

  • Citizenship

Pakistani, Adult, Permanent resident

  • Age and Tenor

20 - 65 years old (Businessmen & SEP) at maturity
20 – 60 years old (Salaried) at maturity

  • Income (in PKR)

Salaried Class : Rs 25,000
SEP : Rs 40,000
Businessmen : Rs 40,000


  • Debt Burden Ratio

35% for net monthly income /- (For Salaried, SEP and Businessmen)

  • Processing Fee

Rs. 1,800

  • Payment Mode

Direct debit instruction (DDI)

How to Get Goods through Consumer Ease

To apply for Meezan Bank’s Consumer Ease, fill out the application form (available at any Branch and on Meezan Bank’s Website), attach the required documents and get your financing limit approved. Once the limit is approved you can choose the item you want to purchase and Meezan Bank will arrange to have it delivered to your address.

List of required documents


  • Copy of Applicant's CNIC
  • 1 Passport-sized colored photograph of applicant
  • Original / Certified copy of Bank Statement (last 06 months)
  • Original / Certified copy of Pay Slip
  • Employer's certificate including Tenor /Designation /Salary
  • Declaration of Financing
  • Signature Verification Form.

Businessmen / SEP

  • Copy of Applicant's CNIC
  • 1 Passport-sized colored photograph of applicant
  • Original / Certified copy of Bank Statement (last 12 months)
  • 2 years Proof of Business (e.g. NTN / Tax return / Bank Certificate / Association Letter etc)
  • Copy of NTN Certificate
  • Declaration of Financing
  • Signature Verification Form.

Processing Charges

Processing Fees Rs. 1,800 (Non-refundable)+ Legal documentation charges at actual.
Down Payment Minimum as per the given Installment Plan
Repayment Mode Direct Debit Instruction (DDI)
Pre-payment Penalty No prepayment penalty. Selling price once set will not be allowed to change.
Security 3 un-dated Cheques of Meezan Bank account

Contact our Dedicated Representatives


Mr. Azeem Ullah

Cell No : 0331 2592705



Mr. Fahad Khaliq

Cell No : 0304 0921365



Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Aslam

Cell No : 0301 8188945



Mr. Aftab Rabbani

Cell No: 0304 0921496



Mr. Rana Asif Altaf

Cell No: 0300 6362042



Mr. Shahzad Mehmood

Cell No: 0304 1927401


Helpful Downloads: Consumer Ease Form

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