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Electronic Initial public offering (e-IPO)

Meezan Bank is the first Islamic Bank to offer e-IPO facility to its customers in collaboration with Central Depository Company (CDC) and Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX). The account holders of Meezan Bank having CDC account (Sub-account or IAS account) can subscribe to Public Offering of Shares through www.cdceipo.com & PSX’s Electronic Initial Public Offering System (PES) https://eipo.psx.com.pk/EIPO/home/index and make payment through Bank’s Alternate Distribution Channels including ATM, Internet banking and Mobile banking application.

How to register for e-IPO?

To register, potential investors are requested to visit the eIPO portal www.cdceipo.com & https://eipo.psx.com.pk/EIPO/home/index and follow the steps mentioned in “Why Invest” section of the CDC Portal and the “ Home Page” of the PSX Portal available 24/7.

  • For registration, investors and Meezan Bank account holders must have valid Computerized National identity Card (CNIC) as appearing in CDS.
  • Only Pakistani Individuals (both Resident and Non-Resident) as well as Meezan Roshan Digital Account-MRDA customers are allowed to register through the eIPO portal.
  • Valid email address and mobile number of the Investor is required for account activation.


  • Registered Investors will be able to subscribe to available IPOs offered through the e-IPO portal 24 hours a day during subscription days.
  • Investors are not allowed to submit subscription application with any Joint holder.
  • The applicants will provide CDS Account Number (Investor Account or Sub-Account) which will be verified on real time basis.
  • A Transaction ID will be generated by the eIPO portal and sent to the investor via e-mail and SMS upon successful submission of subscription application for making payment.


Payment can be made against Transaction ID on following channels.

  • Internet banking
  • Meezan Mobile Banking Application
  • ATM

Benefits for Meezan Bank account holders

  • Physical Application of IPO subscription will not be required
  • User-friendly, hassle-free and efficient process
  • Auto credit of share and refund (if any) in the respective account of the investor
  • Subscription application can be tracked at every level (subscription, payment, balloting, allotment)
  • Registered users will get alerts for upcoming IPOs
  • The service is free of cost for investor

Note: Once successful and unsuccessful applications are determined, the amount of un-successful applications will be refunded in the investor’s respective account.

Electronic Payment (e-Right) against Un-Paid Letter of Rights (LoRs)

We are pleased to offer electronic-Right shares (e-Rights) subscription facility in collaboration with the Central Depository Company (CDC) , through which, Meezan Bank account holders, individuals, as well as institutional customers will be able to subscribe to their Un-Paid Letter of Rights (LoRs) issue online, providing ease and convenience to investors and reducing TATs due to electronic processing.

Alhamdullilah, we are the first bank in Pakistan to allow shareholders (Individuals, Institutional and Master TREC Holders (brokers)) of various companies to make payments of their Letter of Rights through all of our Alternate Distribution Channels including our ATMs, Internet Banking facility, Mobile Banking Application and eBIZ+. Meezan Bank’s e-Right service will facilitate 24/7 payments of right shares subscription (during the subscription period).

The newly launched service will enable investors with Un-paid Letter of Rights (LoRs) to subscribe and make payments electronically.


  • Provide instruction to your Participant to subscribe the requisite quantity of LoR in your sub-account.
  • CDC Investor Account Services-IAS customers can subscribe to the requisite quantity of LoR in their IAS account.
  • Upon successful subscription, an auto receipt with 1Bill Payment ID printed on the top right-hand side of the Right Subscription Request will be generated for making online payment.


  • For online payment, login to your Meezan Internet Banking portal and select Bill Payment ‘e-Right’.
  • Select ‘1BILL Invoice/Voucher Payment’ and make payment via Meezan Bank electronic channels i.e. Meezan Mobile App, biometric enabled ATMs and Internet Banking.
  • eBIZ+ (used by institutional customers) by entering ‘1Bill Payment ID’ as mentioned in Right Subscription Request.
  • Upon processing of payment, LoR subscription will be successfully completed and subsequently shares will be credited to their CDC account.

For more details, please visit link https://csp.cdcaccess.com.pk/index.html#/electronic-faq