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Invest easily in Shariah-compliant shares listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) can now invest in Shariah-compliant shares listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) by opening account in Central Depository Company (CDC) through their PKR - Roshan Digital Account. This is an ideal opportunity for non-resident Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan’s capital market and benefit from the competitive returns offered by PSX while participating in the economic growth of Pakistan. NRPs can choose from a wide range of Shariah-compliant companies listed on PSX in several different sectors, build their investment portfolio and reap the potential rewards of investing in PSX.

Account Opening Process

Account validation
Enter your PKR – Roshan Digital Account number and OTP for validation

Select your brokerage firm
List of the available brokers is provided below

Accept the mentioned Terms and Conditions
This will enable the Bank to share your information with the selected broker and capital market entities and to open your brokerage account & CDC depository account

Add funds into your RDA brokerage account
This will transfer funds from your PKR – Roshan Digital Account to your CDC account and enable you to invest i.e., buy and sell stocks

List of Brokerage Firms

Broker Contact Email Website Research Reports
Abbasi and Company (Pvt) Limited (+92-42)-36282700, (+92-42)-36315151 [email protected] www.abbasiandcompany.com Reports
Adam Securities Limited (+92-21)32420909, (+92-21)32413580 [email protected] www.adamsecurities.com.pk Reports
AKD Securities Limited (+92)111-253-111 [email protected] www.akdsecurities.net Reports
Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt) Limited (+92-21)38694242, (+92-21)32422550 [email protected] www.alfaadhi.pk Reports
Alfalah CLSA Securities (Pvt) Limited (+92-21)111-237-111 [email protected] www.alfalahclsa.com Reports
Arif Habib Limited (+92-21)32460717-19 [email protected] www.arifhabibltd.com Reports
Azee Securities (Pvt) Limited (+92-21)32467131-40, (+92)111-293-293 [email protected] www.azeetrade.com Reports
BIPL Securities Limited (+92)111-222-000 Ext. 400 [email protected] www.biplsec.com Reports
BMA Capital Management Limited (+92)111-262-111 [email protected] www.bmacapital.com Reports
First National Equities Limited (+92-42)35843721-7 [email protected] www.fnetrade.com Reports
Foundation Securities (Pvt) Limited (+92-21)35612290-94 [email protected] www.fs.com.pk Reports
Fortune Securities Limited (+92-21)35309103-09 [email protected] www.fortunesecurities.com Reports
IGI Finex Securities Limited (+92)111-234-234, (+92-21)35301731-39 [email protected] www.igisecurities.com.pk Reports
Insight Securities (Pvt) Limited (+92-21)32462541-44 [email protected] www.insightsec.com.pk Reports
Intermarket Securities Limited (+92)111-467-000 [email protected] www.imsecurities.com.pk Reports
JS Global Capital Limited (+92)111-574-111 [email protected] http://www.jsgcl.com Reports
Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Securities Limited (+92-21)32431435 [email protected] www.kasb.com Reports
MRA Securities (+92-21)32410136-40 [email protected] https://www.mra.com.pk Reports
Muhammad Munir Muhammad Ahmed Khanani Securities Limited (+92-21)36490034 [email protected] www.munirkhanani.com Reports
Next Capital Limited (+92-21)111-639-825, 35632320-22, 35222208 [email protected] www.nextcapital.com.pk Reports
Summit Capital Securities (+92-21)32467951-55 [email protected] www.summitcapital.com.pk Reports
Disclaimer: Meezan Bank bears no responsibility for any action of the above Brokerage companies and their research reports. The analysis and recommendation in the research reports is of the Brokerage firm themselves and Meezan Bank does not recommend any investment decision based on them. Customers are requested to take their own investment decisions, based on all investment factors.