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Simplified Online Digital Account Opening for Overseas Pakistanis

Convenient & Riba-free

For the convenience of overseas Pakistanis, Meezan Bank is pleased to offer Meezan Roshan Digital Account to all Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) residing across the world. Meezan Roshan Digital Account enables overseas Pakistanis to open a bank account digitally /online from anywhere outside Pakistan without visiting a branch and permits account holders to send money into the account.

Key Features

Other Features



Real-time conversion from Foreign Currency to PKR and vice versa



Dedicated Realtionship Management Team

service charges

Services Charges

No service charges



Secure Digital/Online Account opening through OTP confirmation

Internet banking

Free Internet Banking

No charges on Internet Banking usage

Initial deposit

No Initial Deposit

No initial deposit for account opening

Minimum balance

Minimum Balance

No minimum balance requirement

Please carefully read and understand the eligibility criteria to start the account opening process. Kindly ensure availability of the below enlisted documents so that you can upload these with your account opening application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individual Non-Resident Pakistani Nationals (NRPs) having CNIC/SNIC/NICOP
  • Non-Resident Individuals / Foreign Nationals having Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

Required Documents

  • Scanned Copy of your CNIC/NICOP/POC
  • Scanned Copy of Passport’s first 2 pages (Pakistani and/or foreign country)
  • Photograph (Live Photo)
  • Signed & Scanned Signature Specimen (click here to download)
  • Proof of NRP Status (scanned copy of POC, visa, entry/exit stamps etc.)
  • Proof of profession (Job Certificate, Employee Card, Iqama, Retirement Letter, Business Registration Document, etc.)
  • Source of Income (Salary Slip, Account Statement, Tax Statement, Rental Agreement, Pension Book, etc.)
  • Please click here for indicative list of documents to assess the 'Proof of Profession and Source of Income / Fund'

Note: "Please upload documents in Urdu, English or Arabic languages only. In case of any other language, please upload certified translation from an online verifiable and authentic source."

Meezan Roshan Digital Account
Tutorial Video

Want to Open a Roshan Digital Account

Meezan Roshan Resident Account

A special account for Resident Pakistanis with declared assets abroad, as per latest tax returns

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Helpful Downloads: Internet Banking Guidelines Term Deposit Remittance Form RDA Schedule of Charges

How does Meezan Roshan Digital Account work?

Meezan Roshan Digital Account is offered in both current & savings accounts under the Islamic concept of Qard & Mudarabah.

Profit Sharing Ratio

PKR Savings Account

Bank will share 50% of Gross Income as Mudarib
Depositor will share 50% of Gross Income as Rab-ul-Maal

USD Savings Account

Bank will share 75% of Gross Income as Mudarib
Depositor will share 25% of Gross Income as Rab-ul-Maal

Weightages for the Month of January 2021
Account Categories Profit Distribution Period Weightage Assigned
PKR Savings Account (NRP) Monthly 0.32
USD Savings Account (NRP) Monthly 0.45
Euro Savings Account (NRP) Monthly 0.27
GBP Savings Account (NRP) Monthly 0.27
Consolidated Weightages
Profit Rates for the Month of December 2020
Account Categories Monthly Profit Rates (% per annum)
PKR Savings Account 2.84%
USD Savings Account 0.31%
Euro Savings Account 0.04%
GBP Savings Account 0.11%
Profit Rates
Historical Profit Rates

Mudarabah Basis

On agreeing to become a Pak Rupee / Foreign Currency Account holder, the customer enters into a relationship based on Mudarabah with Meezan Bank. Under this relationship, the customer is an Investor (Rab-ul-Maal) and the Bank is the Manager (Mudarib) of the funds deposited by the customers. The Bank allocates the funds received from the customers to a deposit pool; funds from the pool are utilized to provide financing to customers under Islamic modes that include, but are not restricted to Murabaha, Ijarah, Istisna and Diminishing Musharakah.

Qard Basis

Current Account (Pak Rupee / Foreign Currency) is based on Qard contract. The Bank can use these funds for investment and other purposes. This account allows you the peace of mind of having your money safely deposited with a bank with the additional assurance that the Bank is not investing your money in activities that contravene Shariah principles.

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For further information on Roshan Digital Accounts from State Bank of Pakistan(SBP) you may visit https://www.sbp.org.pk/RDA/index.html

You may also share your suggestions/ feedback on Roshan Digital Account with SBP at [email protected]