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Short-term Halal Investments with Competitive Returns

The Riba-Free Monthly Mudarabah Certificate (MMC) is a short-term deposit product which has been designed to give you expected monthly returns.

Key Features

Investment Periods

Investment Periods

One month with re-investment option available on a continuous basis

Profit Payments

Profit Payments

Monthly profit payment will be made to your Meezan Bank account

Minimum Investment

Minimum Investment

Minimum Investment required is Rs. 50,000/-

Premature Withdrawal

Pre Mature Withdrawal

Pre-mature withdrawal can be made as per approved schedule

How the Monthly Mudarabah Certificate Works

Profit Sharing and Distribution Method

The Distributable income of the deposit pool is distributed among the bank (Mudarib) and customers (Rab ul Maal) on the basis of a pre-determined profit sharing ratio and weightages which shall be announced 3 days before beginning of every month and shall not be changed during the month. According to the sprit of Mudarbah, the profit rates are calculated and announced up to seven days of the subsequent month from the monthly income of the trade activities of the pool. Conversely, in case of the loss as per the rule of Mudarbah, the Rab ul Maal shall bear the loss in the ratio of their investment.

Profit Sharing Ratio

Bank will share 50% of Distributable Income as Mudarib

Depositor will share 50% of Distributable Income as Rab-ul-Maal

Weightages for the Month of February 2023
Account Categories Profit Distribution Periods/Tier groups Weightage Assigned
Monthly Mudarabah Certificate 50K - 0.99M 0.41
Monthly Mudarabah Certificate 1.0M - 9.99M 0.41
Monthly Mudarabah Certificate 10.0M - 49.99M 0.44
Monthly Mudarabah Certificate 50.0M - 99.99M 0.44
Monthly Mudarabah Certificate 100.0M - 499.99M 0.46
Monthly Mudarabah Certificate 500.0M - 999.99M 0.46
Monthly Mudarabah Certificate 1.0B & Above 0.46
Consolidated Weightages
Profit Rates for the Month of January 2023

Monthly Mudarabah Certificate - MMC

Product Average Monthly Balance (PKR) Profit Rates (% per annum)
MMC 50 K- 0.99 M 7.51
MMC 1.0 M - 9.99 M 7.51
MMC 10.0 M - 49.99 M 7.88
MMC 50.0 M - 99.99 M 7.88
MMC 100.0 M - 499.99 M 8.43
MMC 500.0 M - 999.99 M 8.43
MMC 1 B & Above -
Profit Rates
Historical Profit Rates

Zakat Clause : In Monthly Mudarabah Certificate Zakat is deducted as per the directives of Zakat and Ushr Ordinance, 1980. Therefore, customers are advised to calculate their Zakat as per the guidelines of their respective school of thought (Makatib e fikr).

Fatwa on Deposit Products

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